Water Reuse

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Most industries, like the food industry, are heavily dependent on water. This water is mostly discharged, or first purified and then discharged. Companies will try to economize on water, primarily by reusing it. In the food industry, high demands are imposed on the quality of this water.

To close the water cycle, a distinction can be made between three 'types' of water re-use:

  • Re-use: Reuse of water without treatment in the production process
  • Recycling: Reuse of water with treatment in the production process
  • Second use: Reuse of water outside it's own production process

Colsen B.V. guides, introduces and implements, in consultation with the client, optimizations in the field of water cycle closure. For example, through the employment of a water pinch analysis (pinch technology), water is reused internally within it's own process . This deduced technology has originated as an energy pinch, and has been made suitable for optimizing (reducing) the water flows.

In addition, waste water can be purified in such a way that it can be reused within the same production process. Currently, this method is already implemented frequently, and is expected to increase in the following years by the use of membrane technology. The membrane bioreactor (MBR) is herein seen as an intermediary. The replacement of the conventional settling tanks by the membrane separation ensures the (effluent) water quality which makes extensive post-treatment of waste water possible, resulting in the recycling of water. Downstream technologies like Reversed Osmosis (RO) and disinfection methods like UV treatment are examples of techniques in the closure of the water cycle within the food industry.

Within this framework, Colsen B.V. sees to all water issues in the production company. This ranges from theoretical studies/researches to practically feasible plans, and from design and engineering to construction, implementation and management.

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