IPPC Directive

Ippc Rie

The EU-directive “Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control” (IPPC-directive 96/61/EC concerning integrated pollution prevention and control). In essence the directive is about minimizing pollution from various industrial sources throughout the European Union. Operators of industrial installations covered by Annex I of the IPPC Directive are required to obtain an authorization (environmental permit) from the authorities in the EU countries. About 50.000 installations are covered by the IPPC Directive in the EU.

New installations, and existing installations which are subject to “substantial changes”, have been required to meet the requirements of the IPPC Directive since 30 October 1999. Other existing installations must be brought into compliance by 30 October 2007. This is the key deadline for the full implementation of the Directive.

The IPPC Directive is based on several principles, namely (1) an integrated approach, (2) best available techniques, (3) flexibility and (4) public participation.

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