Bidox desulphurization unit for landfill gas commissioned

Bidox Vink 170316
By JaapK

Colsen realizes a BIDOX installation for the desulphurization of landfill gas

By the end of 2016 Colsen received the order to realize an installation for the desulphurization of landfill gas from Afvalverwerking Vink in Barneveld (The Netherlands). The amount of landfill gas (ca. 1.000 m³/hr) and the concentration of H₂S (circa 5.500 ppm) required the design and construction of the largest single BIDOX unit within the program of Colsen. The BIDOX reactor has a diameter of 5 m and is 12 m in height.

The BIDOX will remove H₂S via a biological process, where the low pH ensures that no elementary Sulphur will be produced. The Bidox system is not only characterized as a low-maintenance but also as a low-energy consuming solution for the removal of H₂S from gas streams. In the period from January to March 2017 the BIDOX unit has been assembled and in April 2017 the reactor will be started up. Colsen will hand this BIDOX installation over to Vink as a turnkey project.

About Vink:
For decades Vink is a well-known party in the field of waste treatment and this makes Vink one of the largest private waste treating companies in the Netherlands, operating in both collection, transfer, separation and recycling. With own disposal installations and all relevant certificates Vink ascertains the customer of proper and sustainable methods for collection and treatment of waste streams. For more information about the wide range of services in the field of industrial waste treatment you are referred to the Vink website.

About Colsen:
Colsen operates worldwide and her business scope comprises technology development as well as the supply of installations and products & services in the field of water treatment, sustainable energy production and environmental protection. Based on our expertise and our technological developments, Colsen can offer her customers integral, client-specific and sustainable concepts and installations, in which minimal costs and favourable ecological footprints are combined with maximal environmental efficiency and economic advantages.

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