NAS-ONE for WWTP Hengelo (NL)

Hengelo Nw View
By JaapK

Colsen realizes a NAS-ONE for N-removal from rejection water

The  Water Council Vechtstromen has embraced The Energy Factory-concept for the centralized treatment of sewage sludge at the Hengelo WWTP. As part of this project a TPH installation was recently added which generates an extra load of nitrogen to the water line. This necessitates additional capacity for N-removal. 

The water council assigned Colsen to design and realize a NAS side stream treatment installation, the NAS-ONE. This NAS system has been developed by Colsen and its biotechnology is based on anammox bacteria who remove nitrogen in an energy efficient manner. The NAS-ONE will be attached to the rejection water outlet of the sludge dewatering system. Construction works are planned to start by June 1st, 2017, whereas the installation is expected to be operational by the end of 2017.

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