Soil remediation at LWM Kruiningen

Colsen Bodembus 2
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Colsen was commissioned by Lamb Weston / Meijer VOF (LWM) is a demolition and soil remediation guidance performed at the manufacturing Kruiningen (Zeeland). The existing potato sorting unit is replaced. This project was a good opportunity to address three historical soil contamination with mineral oil and volatile aromatics.

For the purpose of replacing the old buildings are decontaminated of asbestos and then demolished. After the demolition of the buildings is rehabilitated during phase one of the three pollution sites. It is 2,500 tons of contaminated soil excavation. Phase two, with the other contaminants are removed, planned for mid-2015.

The assignment to Colsen were: saneringsonderzoek- prepare and plan, grant application under the Companies Regulations, preparing and supervising tendering process demolition and remediation and contractor selection, environmental supervision execution asbestos removal and demolition, soil remediation performance and environmental support.

After release from the parts of the site by LWM a new sorting department (grading) decorated, combining minimal environmental responsibility and its production is given a character as sustainable as possible by applying the best available techniques. The new sorting unit created space not just for a new grading-line ', which can be built much more compact, but also the ability to streamline the raw material reception to the loading and unloading bays.

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