Anammox reactor in operation in China

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By JaapK

Colsen and its partner ATAL engineering teamed up for the realization of one of the biggest anammox reactors in the waste water treatment  sector.  This reactor is based on the in-house SBR-NAS® technology of Colsen. Together with the expertise of ATAL engineering it was made feasible to convert a technological design into a successful commissioned installation. 

While China is increasingly committing to energy neutrality in wastewater treatment, Colsen is momentarily starting up an SBR-NAS® in the Province of Shandong. This project only represents one part of the adjustment of an existing communal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) executed by ATAL Engineering. The support of Colsen in this project is the design and start-up of a side-stream treatment system to handle the liquid fraction of the sludge digestion process in order to lower the load on the main wastewater treatment line. 

Since the rejection water has a high nitrogen concentration, a SBR-NAS® is the preferred route for treatment. A sequencing batch reactor (SBR) is a single stage system in which aerobic and anoxic steps alternate, resulting in a high degree of operational flexibility combined with a small footprint. The SBR-NAS® deploys Anammox bacteria for energy-efficient and low sludge producing nitrogen removal.

The construction of the SBR-NAS® started in May 2017. The commissioning took place in December 2017 and the installation is expected to be fully operational by June 2018.

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